We’ve all been there, you’re getting ready to go out, your favourite dress/top has been dug out of the wardrobe, hair blow dried, makeup on – and then you get out of the door and realise you forgot to shave your armpits.

Spending the evening with your arms glued to your sides isn’t fun for anyone – imagine what it would be like if you never even had to consider whether or not you shaved before you left the house. If you choose underarm laser hair removal from City Hair Removal London you need never worry about it again.

Repeatedly shaving your underarms makes them prone to ingrown hairs, cysts and razor burn. Remove all those risks in just a few treatments – doesn’t that sound good? And no more five o’clock shadow either!

At City Hair Removal we’re pleased to be able to offer a range of lasers to our clients; this enables us to treat any and all skin and hair types. We will give you a free consultation and patch test in order to establish which of our lasers are best for you.

Undergoing underarm laser hair removal is easy. You first simply need to shave before your treatment, no waxing, epilating or plucking! At your treatment the appropriate laser (as determined in your patch test) will be aimed at your underarm, heating the pigment in the hair and damaging the follicle without hurting your skin.

Those damaged follicles will stop growing more hair, and the hairs that were there will grow until they fall out.

Some Lasers are used concurrently with cooling air to help reduce any painful sensation. If you’re worried about the pain or have a low tolerance for pain you can use a local anaesthetic cream beforehand, but be aware these can only be used with certain types of laser. Ask your technician for advice or one of the registered nurses we have on hand at all times.

After 1-3 weeks it may seem like your hair is getting longer, but that’s actually the hair being pushed out of your skin! It will fall out soon after. For the first few sessions the hair will grow back, but it will grow more slowly and appear finer than before until, eventually, it stops growing completely.

Choosing underarm laser hair removal can leave you more confident and outgoing; unsightly, unwanted hair can have a major impact on your self-esteem, limit your clothing choices and just generally make you feel uncomfortable in day to day life. Don’t let a few follicles stop you from choosing an item of clothing or enjoying a day at the beach – choose laser treatment and you’ll be left with smooth, hair-free skin that requires no upkeep to stay that way.

City Hair Removal offers free patch tests and consultations for anyone who wants underarm laser hair removal treatment. Contact us today for more information or to book your consultation.

Other equally popular treatments to the underarm Laser Hair Removal are the upper lip and bikini line. Imagine never having to shave for a special night or the beach again! With upper lip laser hair removal the self-confidence it can be bring is tremendous.

Until you take note you may not realise how much those normal hair removal routines are costing you. Once you have experienced a few treatments of laser hair removal you will see the amount of time and energy you gain. As well as of course a feeling of comfort in your own skin.