Laser Hair Removal Prices 2014

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The effectiveness of laser hair removal is largely down to the quality of the lasers and technicians used.
At City Hair Removal we have recently invested heavily in new lasers across all of our treatments. Due to rapid advances in laser technology we have trialled multiple lasers in order to find the laser that will provide the most effective and long term laser hair removal solution for all our clients.
Over the last 15 years treating clients (typically 50 clients per day), we have found that not everyone reacts the same way to lasers. For example, clients with PCO syndrome have very deep rooted hair on the facial area; this is typically difficult to remove, especially with hormonal imbalances. Step in the Lynton Duetto laser, with this exclusive technology we are able to use 2 lasers at the same time in order to reach the correct depth and supply enough heat to kill the root of the hair. Many clients require alternative approaches to laser treatments this is why we have invested in multiple lasers, so that we can guarantee that our clients will finish their treatment with the best possible end result.
We now have 6 lasers for laser hair removal including: 2 Alexandrite lasers, 2 Nd:Yag lasers, a Duetto laser and a Soprano XL laser.
We use the gold-standard Elite Plus by Cynosure to maximise precision, effectiveness, and affordability for our clients that are suitable for Nd:Yag and Alexandrite lasers.

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Treatment on our Alexandrite & NdYag lasers

Packs of 8
Up to 65% OFF

Valid with the 8 treatment plan only

Packs of 6
Up to 60% OFF

Valid with the 6 treatment plan only



Upper lip



Chin  £29.25 


(Unit Pric
Upper Lip & Chin  £37.50     £37.50      £100
Chin & Jaw £37.50     £37.50         £100   
Hairline/Side burns £36.00    £40.00     £80
Front/Back of Neck £37.75      £42.00     £84
Cheeks £29.25     £32.50    £65
Underarms £37.75     £42.00     £84
Arms full £81.00    £90.00      £180
Arms half £46.00    £52.00      £105
Nose/Earlobe/Eyebrow-middle £15.75     £17.50      £35 
Nipple £15.75   £17.50      £35  
Back Lower/Upper £58.50       £65.00     £130
Back full £99 .00     £108.50      £195 
Abdomen £46.00    £52.50     £105
Navel Line (stomach line) £29.25    £32.00     £65
Bikini £38.25    £42.50     £85
Bikini Brazillian £46.00   £52.50      £105
Bikini Hollywood £58.50     £65.00      £130
Bikini Hollywood + Peri anal £65.25     £72.50      £145
Buttocks £54.00    £60.00         £120   
Peri-anal women only £36.00  £40.00     £80
Legs Half (inc knees) £79.00   £88.50      £177
Full Legs £115.75    £128.50     £257
Hands / Feet £29.25      £32.50    £65
Half face/Beard £51.75     £57.50    £115
Half Face/Beard and Front Neck £56.25    £62.50      £125  
Full Face £56.25     £62.50    £125
Shoulders  £47.25    £52.50   £105

Laser Hair Removal Packages for Women

Treatment on our Alexandrite & NdYag Lasers

Pack of 8

Up to 65% OFF

Valid with the 8 treatment plan only

Pack of 6

Up to 60% OFF

Valid with the 6 treatment plan only

Single Treaments
Lower legs, Any Bikini (inc peri-anal) & Underarms £180   £200


Full legs, Feet, Any Bikini (inc peri-anal) & Underarms




(Unit Pric



All:  Half Legs, Lower arms, AnyBikini, Navel Line, Underarms & Feet £225  


(Unit Pric



Full Legs, Feet, Full arms, Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Buttocks, Navel Line, Underarms 251 279


(Unit Pric


Any or All: Full Legs, Any Bikini, Underarms, Buttocks, Full Arms, Back, Abdomen, Chest, Shoulders, Face & Neck Front and Back, Hands and Feet £327  


(Unit Pri



(Unit Pri£728


Laser Hair Removal Packages for Men

Treatment on our Alexandrite & NdYag Lasers

Pack of 8

Up to 65% OFF

Valid with the 8 treatment plan only

Pack of 6

Up to 60% OFF

Valid with the 6 treatment plan only

Single Treaments
Chest £59 


(Unit Pric



Chest & Abdomen  £81   £90


(Unit Price£180
Full Back & Shoulders £108 


(Unit Pric



Full Back, Shoulders & half arms.





Full Back, Chest, Abdomen, Shoulders & Half Arm £238.50  





Any or All: Full Legs, Buttocks, Chest, Abdomen, Full Arms, Full Back, Shoulders, Underarms, Line, Feet & Hands (Does not include peri anal or genitalia) £310   £345


Installment plans will be agreed upon on the consultation with the practitioner, payable across the 1st, 2nd and 3rd treatment (you will have at least 4-6weeks between treatments to save for the next payment), minimum spend applies.

*Offers on Alexandrite and Nd:Yag Lasers only 

Please ask for details on the cost of Soprano XL Laser treatments

We have the award winning, pain free Soprano XL laser (Winner of the 2012 aesthetics award, with 2 gold medals and one silver medal for best brand, best treatment and new product innovation) and the Quantas Duetto (Alexandrite and NDYag), suitable for stubborn lighter hair and the NDYag for skin types 4-6. For this reason our prices reflect the end product and standard of treatment that you will receive.

We also have the Lynton IPL Lumina (Intensed Pulsed Light), however we rarely recommend this type of hair removal as IPL takes far more treatments to achieve the same results as laser and from our years of experience we have found it is not as permenant as laser.

Furthermore IPL is ONLY suitable for skin types 1-3 (according to the Fitzpatrick Skin Type scale).