Want to be rid of Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs are unsightly and embarrassing especially when you have an excessive amount.
Many  woman suffer from ingrown hairs on their bikini area and legs due to the increased amount or shaving/ waxing. Whereas men can get this in their beard area or back and chest from shaving/ waxing. It can knock your confidence! So don’t let it!! We have the answer with our state of the art laser hair removal machines, perfect for all skin types!

Why do we get ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs occur where hair is thicker and denser just like the beard or bikini areas and is made worse by the constant maintenance that we do in order to look and feel great! The hair grows back either in the wrong direction or recoils and is unable to exit through the skin. This causes a spot or a red unsightly bump on the skin.

How does laser hair removal help?

Laser hair removal helps by reducing the amount of hairs on the problematic area thus banishing those unwanted pimples and painful ingrown! Laser hair removal is effective because with 6-8 treatments you can clear the specific area of hair (with 4-6 week intervals). Laser damages the root of the hair
that is in the active growing phase (1 of 3 phases that each hair go’s through in its life span).

The hair falls out 1-2 weeks after each treatment and the hairs that were hit in the growing phase are unlikely to come back or will come back finer meaning that they are unlikely to cause in grown’-s again!